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New Apps That Pay You For Watching Videos Daily Without Investment


People often ask “which app can I earn money by just watching videos?” I know it sounds quite funny and unbelievable that people makes huge amount of money online by just watching videos. I’m here to introduce to you new apps that pay you for watching videos daily without investment. The most interesting part of these apps I want to introduce to you is that you can earn money by watching videos without investing any dime.

In this our digital generation, technology has taken over our daily lives. which has brought about many methods of making money online. One of the lucrative method is the ability to make money from watching videos. First and foremost, it is important to apprehend the business model behind video-watching apps. These apps are sponsored by advertising revenue. Companies pay these apps to get users (like you) to watch promotional videos about their products, services, or brands. You earn a cut from the revenue generated by your viewership. You get to discover new brands and products and earn from the comfort of your home. That means you have to watch advertisement videos on these apps and you earn money from your views.

Some Of The Apps That Pays You For watching Videos

There many mobile applications where subscribers earns revenue from watching videos. Some of them are:

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a very famous mobile application which allows users can earn rewards for viewing videos. It presents different videos, including news, fitness, entertainment and many more. Apart from watching clips, users can earn rewards by participating in surveys, playing games, and shopping online. They can redeem their rewards as cash or gift card.

. This is an an innovative application that allows you to earn money by participating in various activities. These include completing task and even sharing your internet. Sharing your internet is unique to this app; it gives allowance to subscribers to share unused data for money. This application is a user-friendly platform, making it easy and simple for everyone to explore and earn. And also this app gives regular updates on opportunities to make money, keeping users constantly engaged.

MyPoints: this application allows you to proliferates points by viewing videos. The app provides different video content from different categories to watch and earn. Users also get points by involving themselves in surveys, making online purchases, and booking travel. They can convert the points for gift cards or cash.

. Viggle: Viggle application is the best and proficient application for users who love watching TV shows or streaming music. Users can earn Perk Points for bingeing on entertainment anytime. They can redeem these points as a gift card in retail store like Amazon or convert the points to cash.

Vindable research: This is a well known app for survey, users watch videos on various topics and get paid with cash. interesting thing about this application is that it pays higher than other applications.

App Trailers : it rewards users with cash for watching clips of other new apps. It offers unique video content of other new apps.

. CheckPoints: Apart from watching videos, users can earn points on CheckPoints for checking in at local stores, scanning barcodes, and completing offers. Its unique location-based earning opportunities make it especially appealing to the users.

 Ibotta: While Ibotta is highly popular for providing cash back on everyday purchases, it also offers users opportunities to earn by watching videos of various products. Its unique money-saving and earning approach makes it a go-to for many who wish to grow their bank accounts

 InboxDollars: This app rewards you with cash for watching diverse TV shows and movie previews. It also offers other ways to earn money, like participating in surveys and playing games. Unlike other apps, InboxDollars has a policy to reward users with cash instead of points, making it a preferred option for users who wish to receive actual money. Last but not the least is This app primarily rewards users for watching videos and playing trivia games. The app boasts a variety of video topics to choose from, including viral videos and short movies.

Difficulties Faced by Users While Watching Vidoes To Earn Money

Earning money by watching videos online sounds so easy and simple but there are some challenges encountered by user while performing this task. Most of these challenges can:

  • Time consumption
  • Data consumption
  • Some videos may not be appealing to you
  • Scam and dishonest platforms


Making money online is not always easy as it may sound but believe me , you can earn money by just watching video clips, promotional advertisement, playing games and performing many other tasks on your free time. Kindly visit any of these websites outlined above to get started. These apps are completely free to use and available worldwide. Give them a try and earn some extra cash!



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