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Top Best kuda bank alternative With Free Transfer and Interest

How To Create Kuda Bank Alternative


One of the online banking services that are available in Nigeria is Kuda bank which is recognized in the bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) You can use Kuda’s debit cards to make purchases and save money, and also manage your account totally from your phone.

It enables you to save money and earn 15% interest on savings with them in addition to making online payments from the comfort of your own home.   kuda bank alternative will make it simple to open a bank account, send and receive money, and pay bills with free transfer and interest without visiting any location.


Kuda Bank Alternative

  • Opay
  • ALAT
  • Mint
  • Palmpay
  • Fair money
  • Chipper cash
  • Bamboo
  • Wallet African
  • Rubies
  • Vbank

Here are the top 9 Kuda Bank alternatives that are available In Nigeria.


Mint Bank is one of the Nigerian-based online banks which holds a license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. A variety of products are available from this bank, including current and savings accounts, low-interest loans, and a customized money tracker.

You can choose the goal-based savings plan with savings accounts and earn up to 36.5% interest. Your deposits must be kept secure at all times. Mint does send the change from your transactions to your savings account, rounded to the nearest hundred.


It is one of the First full-service banks in Nigeria. They offer a high-interest rate on savings accounts and the Savings Goal feature, about three times that of a typical bank. You can enroll in an automatic savings program that will pay you 10% yearly interest.

When you open an account with ALAT, you can use this bank to convert your naira to dollars at any time to make payments or buy goods. You can easily fund from your ALAT account to another bank, your savings, or a Wema Bank current account, if you have one, directly from the app to make transfers and payments Google Play and the App Store both offer ALAT mobile apps.


Rubies is the top best Nigerian-based banking platform. it provides zero-fee banking, Savings Accounts, Money Request Investments, Current Accounts, and commercial banking. when you use the bank’s functional mobile app on iOS and Android to access all banking services.

if you want to request cash from someone, you can use your money request tool. Your account will be credited as soon as you send the request and they accept it. Additionally, you have the authority to reject, accept, or blacklist requests made to your account.


One of the best-fixed account interest rates or savings alternative banks in Nigeria with a wide range of products, including fixed savings, quick loans, and cardless withdrawals. you can earnings N30K and N2m per month by sharing a referral code with your friends, and their network using a feature like Veelage making interest rates of up to 14%.

You need to fill out your phone number, email address, full name, BVN, and password, and upload a photo for account verification when creating an account. Using the mobile app, which is accessible on Google Play and the App Store, registering is simple.

How To Create Kuda Bank Account

  • You must first download the Kuda bank app, from your Google Play Store, and the App Store with your phone in order to open a Kuda bank account.
  • Open the app after downloading it, then select Sign up.
  • Email address, password, optional referral code, bank verification number (BVN), complete name, phone number for verification,
  • A login pin you will require whenever you need to access the app is the information Kuda will ask for.
  • Your account will be created and you will be given a Kuda bank account number
  • Once you have submitted all of the required information.

The conditions for opening a Kuda bank account

You must fulfill the following requirements in order to create a Kuda Account:

  • You must be a citizen of Nigeria and at least 18 years old
  • A smartphone that can run KUDA app on your iOS or Android.
  • A working telephone number and email
  • Created a KUDA account
  • If so, use the following referral code: EHREDWD4
  • The Basic and Full KYC account types are the two account opening options provided by KUDA. The data needed for the Basic account consists of:
  • Name Contact info BVN
  • The data needed for the Full KYC account consists of your Name Telephone, and Valid ID for BVN (National ID Card, Voters Card, driver’s Licence, and National Passport)


In Nigeria, for you to have good services with better firms, no fees, and online banking options. Here will have talked about a few of your alternatives like Opay, ALAT, Mint, Palmpay, Fair money many others. You will find it really simple to open a bank account, make payments, and send and receive money in Nigeria, all without experiencing any worry.


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