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Opay POS Machine -Apply And Get Free Business Kits 2023

How To Use Opay POS Machine


What kind of business can I start?  I think you can consider starting a POS business by getting an Opay POS machine, you can start a pos business. POS business is one of the offline daily businesses in town where you can start making money and get your gain daily not depending on monthly payments or salary.

POS is the most convenient way to do financial transactions in Nigeria, using Opay POS Machine, will get your business up and running, and you can begin processing transactions for customers. In this post, you will learn how you can get Opay POS machines and how you can also use them regardless of your level of education.

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In Nigeria, Opay POS businesses are not mainly for payments and transfers. You can use it to pay for DSTV, GOTV, selling of airtime, payment of bills, Wire transfers, withdrawals, refills, and even taxes. This services can be made available to locals near a Opay POS agent business or a Mobile Money Agent in Nigeria.

How To Get Opay POS Machine

  • Join POS agent
    You can reach to any banking service like PayCentre Africa, to register as an agent, and you can launch your POS business right away. When your registration is finished, PayCentre will also offer you a large banner, T-shirt, sticker, fliers, and a bag. You require the following to work as a PayCentre Agent:
  • Make sure your phone is an Android.
  • An acceptable form of identification like First name, last name, Date of birth, The gender ,Email address ,Username ,Phone number ,Two address line, Country and city
  • 4 photos International Passport, National ID Card, or Voters Card
  • Utility Bill (Nepa Bill) airtime.
  • Business License (For Registered business only)
  • Valid BVN
  • Valid Account Number

Price Of Opay POS Machine In Nigeria

Cost of the Opay POS system app is affordable to anyone. OPay  POS costs N50,000; OPay Traditional POS costs N35,000; and OPay Mini POS costs N8,500, according to the most recent official OPay Pos Machine Price In Nigeria.

Does Opay Give Free POS

The cost of the Opay Android/Smartphone POS is N35,000. Opay only reduced the price of their POS system. You no longer have to achieve any other goals after paying this sum, and you have complete authority over your POS. However, keep in mind that if you must use your POS for six days straight, if not Opay will immediately disable it. OPAY charges 0.5% for withdrawal fee.

How Do I Start a POS Business With Opay

  • Click “dealers” in the website title bar when you are in OPay website.
  • If you wish to join up as a standard internet agent without a POS machine, click “Create an Online Merchant
  • Account,” and if you want to get the POS machine, click “Create a POS dealers Account.”
  • Complete the application forms .
  • You can also get the OPay app by visiting Google Play. then create your account.
  • Send an email to after creating your account to request an OPay dealers registration form.

How much can I use to start a POS business

How much does it cost in Nigeria to start a POS Business? In Nigeria, there is no set cost associated with opening a POS firm. Whether you have a location (store) secured can affect the cost of beginning a POS depends on whether or not you receive a free POS device.

The money on hand you will need to make withdrawals possible is the biggest expense you will need to  starting a POS firm in Nigeria will be up to 25,000 and 50,000. In Nigeria, some banks or fintech firms charge just between N85,000 and N100,000 for a new POS device. However, some also provide free POS equipment, but you have to first meet up to their conditions.

In conclusion, Opay POS is one of the best POS to use in your locally for payment and transfer of money, from this service you will earn daily whether you are a student, under graduate, or a nursing mother without stress you will make money. Just by getting a Opay POS machine for processing transactions for customers.


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