10 Best Universities That Offer Software Engineering in Nigeria in 2024


In this digital age, the demand for software engineers is skyrocketing globally, and Nigeria has a very large tech sector, which is no exception. In fact, the demand for software engineers in Nigeria was proposed to have grown by 22% between 2020 and 2030.

One such success story is that of Chinedu Obiukwu, a graduate of Abia State University, who despite numerous challenges, has made a name for himself in the software engineering field.

This article aims at providing a comprehensive list of universities That Offer Software Engineering in Nigeria, along with their admission requirements. Whether you’re an aspiring software engineer seeking to start your educational journey or a professional looking to further your education, this guide will serve as a valuable resource.

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What is Software engineering?

Software engineering is a discipline that involves the application of engineering principles to software development. In Nigeria, this profession has seen significant growth due to the digital transformation sweeping across various sectors of the economy. Software engineers are at the heart of this transformation, developing innovative solutions to complex problems and driving technological advancement.

The allure of software engineering lies not only in its potential for job security and lucrative pay but also in the opportunity it offers for creative problem-solving and making a tangible impact on society. As such, many young Nigerians are showing an increased interest in becoming software engineers.



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