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How To Make $10 Daily By Selling Photos, and pictures Online


Do you know that you can become a dollar earner overnight by selling photos and videos online? It sounds unbelievable and amusing right? But it is real! Let me teach you on “How to make $10 daily by selling photos an d videos online. With creative, high-quality images, it’s possible to earn $10, $20, even $100 per photo.

Selling photos is one of the best ways to make money online for those passionate about photography. Businesses and advertisers always look to purchase images they can use on their marketing materials. As a result, there are many websites connecting these businesses with photographers.

From stock photography websites to building online store we have compiled the best websites to help you choose the best place to sell your photos online. We considered various factors, including the commission rate and special features.

On top of that, I will give you beneficial tips on how to maximize profit when starting online business  of selling image

Top Websites to Sell Photos Online

The following are the best places to sell photos online. This list consists of various platforms, including microstock and stock photo sites, online marketplaces, and a photo-sharing platform.

Your Own Website

The first websites on my list is your Own Website. The best place to sell photos online is your own site. This method gives you full control over your online photography business, including its pricing, display, and terms and conditions. Most importantly, you get 100% of the profit from your sales.

There are two main ways to make your own photography site – using a content management system (CMS) or a website builder for photographers. A CMS has a steeper learning curve than a website builder, but it gives you more control over your site.

With a CMS, you will also have to purchase a web hosting plan and a domain name. On the other hand, most website builder plans typically already include elements like hosting, maintenance, and support. Go with a CMS like WordPress if you want a more hands-on method, or build your own website using a website builder like Hostinger for a quick and hassle-free approach.


Shutterstock is a provider of stock media like images, vectors, video, and music. Over the last 15 years, it paid out over $1 billion to its contributors. The platform lets people submit content, create and share a personalized portfolio page, and track earnings.

A contributor’s earning rate increases as more of their content gets licensed. There are six earnings levels for stock photos and videos, letting contributors earn 15-40% commission.

Additionally, users can earn money by referring people to Shutterstock. When an artist signs up using your link, you earn $0.04 on images and 10% on videos when their work is downloaded. When a buyer signs up with your link, you can earn up to $200 on their first payment.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a microsoft media provider offering a wide variety of high quality assets. These includes royalty-free images, illustrations, vector graphics, templates, music and videos.

The stock photo website offers contributors numerous advantages. People can upload, keyword, and sell stock images using Adobe’s machine-learning intelligence and import albums directly from Adobe Lightroom. Moreover, Adobe Stock artists also get free access to Adobe Portfolio, a tool that lets users create a portfolio website quickly and easily.

Regarding revenue share, Adobe Stock offers contributors 33% royalties for images, vectors, and illustrations and 35% for videos. You can also sign up for the Adobe Affiliate Program for extra income. If you promote Adobe Stock on your platform using its marketing banners or text links, you can earn $72 for a monthly payment or 8.33% of every single purchase.


Snapped4U is an online marketplace specifically made for selling of portrait and event photos. Photographers can create a gallery, set their own prices, and upload images in the .jpeg format. Then, they can send images via email after receiving payment from clients.

Every account owner in Snapped4U has a personal page displaying all of their active gallery. Photographers can post photos for free but there is a registration fee of $10. And this website takes a commission for each sale you made.

US accounts are subject to a $0.50 commission fee for photos priced at $5 or less and 10% for photos above $5. On the other hand, non-US accounts are subject to a $0.60 commission fee for photos priced at $5 or less and 12% for the rest.


Catering to people interested in creative goods, Etsy is an online marketplace focusing on handmade or vintage items and arts and crafts supplies. Many also use the platform to sell photos online, both in the form of digital images and physical prints.

Etsy sellers are subject to three various fees – listing, transaction, and payment processing fees. It costs $0.20 to list an item. If it sells, Etsy charges a 6.5% transaction fee on the sale price, including shipping. If you use Etsy Payments to receive money, it also charges a 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee.

Signing up and starting a shop is free, but you can pay $10/month for Etsy Plus to get extra perks. In addition, sellers can sign up for Etsy’s Offsite Ads program to have the platform advertise their products across the web. All sales from the program are subject to a 15% fee.

Useful Tips On Selling Photos Online

Some of the useful tips on how to make money daily by selling photos online are as follows:

  • Select your images carefully.
  • Pay attention to lighting and composition.
  • Use significant keywords and descriptions.
  • Promote your photos using social media.
  • Upload new photos regularly.
  • Distinguish your portfolio.
  • Enhance your photos.
  • Understand your legal rights and obligation with any website you are using.


Selling photos online is an excellent side hustle for you. There are many websites to sell photos online, each offering different commission rates and features.

If you still have trouble deciding which platform to use, take a look my recommendations of the best places to sell photos online above.

There are some best practices to keep in mind to maximize profit when you sell pictures for money. Choose images carefully and think about lighting and composition. Increase exposure by using relevant keywords and descriptions and promoting your work via social media.

Additionally, to uploading new photos regularly, diversify the kinds of photos you take and enhance them using photo-editing software. Whichever site you use to sell stock photos online, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with your legal rights and obligations. All the best!


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