Tuition Free Universities And Scholarships For International Students In Norway


Do you desire to study in Norway but worried about the tuition fees? I brought you good news! The good news is that you can study in a number of universities in Norway for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree programmes without paying tuition fees.

Norway may be known as an expensive nation to live in, but its also a nation that offers high-quality education to international students without charging tuition fees.

However, not minding the small size of this country, its universities and colleges are known for quality educations. Since it is majorly an English speaking country, a good number of its universities degree programmes and courses are taught in English.

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Top Tuition Free Universities In Norway

Some of the best tuition free universities in Norway are as follows;

1. Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU)

Norwegian University of Life Science is located at As, Norway. It was established in 1859. Students can study the following courses in NMBU: Sciences, Technology, Food Sciences, Bioscience, Business, Economics, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Landscaping, Environmental Sciences and others.

Tuition at this university is free for international students but, they will have to pay a semester fee of about NOK 470 ($55) for some students programs and to enjoy student welfare.

2. University Of Bergen

Usually referred to UiB, University of Bergen stands out as one of the best tuition free universities in Norway. It was established in the year 1946 and has more than 14,000 students who are both Norwegians and international students receiving quality education.

Students can study the following courses in University of Bergen; Law, Medicine, mathematics and natural sciences, Psychology, Music & Fine arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, and others.

The tuition here is free for all students but they will have to pay a student welfare organization fee of about NOK 590 ($65) per semester.

3. Norwegian University of Science And Technology

The Norwegian University Of Science And Technology has three campus ; Trondheim, Gjovik, and Lesund campuses. It was established in 1760 and has become one of the Norway top three universities.

Students from different nations can study the following degrees in NTNU: Information technology, Engineering, Architecture and Designs, Medicine, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Management, Education, Social Sciences and Economics.

Tuition in this institution is free as it’s publicly supported so that students can get free quality education . International students will only pay a semester fee of about NOK 580 ($68) each semester for students organizations and to enjoy welfare services.

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4. Western University Of Applied Sciences

Western University Of Applied Sciences was established in the year 2017 by the Merger of institutions at Stord, Sogndal, Bergen, Forde, and Haguesund, and the university has campus in all five locations.

Students here can study for a degree in Health & Social Sciences, Education &Arts, Business Administration, Engineering and Sciences while having access to food, practical, health, and maritime activity, and a driving school.

Tuition is free for national and international students. But, international students a semester fee every semester for student’s welfare.

5. Ostfold University College

Ostfold university college was established in 2018, when some institutions in Oslo merged with some institutions in Oslo. It is located in Viken Country and has campuses in Halsen and Frederikstad.

The institution offers free tuition to international students who can study for degrees in Business, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Theatre Studies, Health Sciences, Education, and Foreign language.

Apart from the students paying a minor semester fee of NOK 600 ($70) every semester , the tuition fee in Ostfold University College is free because the institution is publicly funded.

6. Arctic University Of Norway

The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) was established in 1972 and has risen to become the third best university in Norway and has a large number of international students studying for various degrees there.

This institution is located at Troms and offers students degrees in Biosciences and Fisheries, Fine arts, Health sciences, Humanities, Education, Sports and Social works, Sciences and Technology, and Law.

The Arctic University of Norway offers tuition free studies. International students will only pay a semester fee of about NOK 625 ($73) to access student welfare and complete their registration.

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7. Oslo Metropolitan University

Oslo Metropolitan University was established in the year 2018 through a merger of some institutions in Oslo. Students get to enjoy learning in a serene environment with new infrastructures.

Most of the courses in OsloMet are taught in Norwegian with only some of them taught in English, French, and German. Applicants must make proper inquiries from the institution websites before applying for any course.

Degrees available for international students in OsloMet includes Education & Information Sciences, Technology & Designs, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Tuition is free here just like other institutions mentioned in this post, but international students will have to pay about NOK 600 ($70) per semester for student welfare services and an extra NOK 220 ($25) copy fees.

8. University of South-Eastern Norway

The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) was established in 2018. Located at the South-Eastern of Norway, this institution offers free tuition to its students.

Students can study for the following degrees; Humanities and Education, Technology and Maritime Sciences, Health & Social Sciences, and Business.

The University of South-Eastern Norway doesn’t charge tuition fees but the students has to pay a semester fee of about NOK 929 ($108) every semester for copy printing and students welfare.

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9. Nord University

Nord University is one of the best high institution of learning in Norway. Both local and international students in Nord University can study Education & Arts, Social Sciences, Biosciences & Aquaculture, Business, Nursing & Health Sciences.

Tuition is free in this institution for all students but international students have to present a proof of their financial ability and pay a semester fee of about NOK 725 ($85), which covers students’ organizations and administrative goals.

10. University Of Agder

Previously known as Agder University College and later became University of Agder in 2007, this institution is known for carrying out research in gender studies, Signal processing, Artificial intelligences, European studies and other subjects.

The institution has campuses in Grimstad and Kristianstad and offers students degrees in Engineering & Sciences, Fine Arts, Health & Sports Sciences, Humanities & Education, Business & Law, Teacher Education, and Social Sciences.

Tuition in University Of Agder is free. However students who are studying full-time courses are required to pay a semester fee of about NOK 800 ($93) for students’ welfare.


I trust that this comprehensive list of Norway Tuition Free Universities And Scholarships For International Students will be very helpful to you if your decision is to study in Norway.

Apply in any of these tuition-free universities mentioned in this post and start your journey of learning with very little or no financial hassle at all.

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