How To Survive As A Student In Germany

How To Survive As A Student


You can never have a boring lifestyle in Germany, especially when you live in major places. Many cities have exciting nightlife and several cool places for you to relax and have fun. However, this post is all about How To Survive As A Student In Germany, It is advisable to open a bank account in Germany especially if you intend to stay for long, Once you open a student bank account in Germany, you would be given a debit card which can function everywhere.

However, before opening an account, your bank may require you to provide some documents which may include a Passport, Student ID/Certificate of Enrolment, Passport photograph etc. The country has four seasons so if you are staying all through the year, which is most likely as a university student, you need to have clothes fit for the weather, German is not an easy language and you may have a hard time learning.

Also, If you are Schooling in Germany then you should learn the language so you can make friends easily and work effectively in case you work while you study. In this article, we’re sharing all of our best tips for living in Germany that will make your life in Germany so much easier. We’ll be covering as many tips as we can, from the cost of living in Germany to having the best night out.

Reasons why you should Consider Germany For Your Education

The following are reasons you should consider Germany for your education:

  1. Affordable Yet Quality Standard of Living.
  2. Standard Educational System.
  3. Good Employability Rate.
  4. Little or No Tuition Fees.
  5. Vibrant Social Life.

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How To Survive As A Student In Germany

  • Adapt to Weather Conditions
  • Communication with other Germans
  • Utilize the Healthcare System
  • Understand the German Transportation System
  • Get Accommodation
  • Open a Bank Account

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Tips For Studying In Germany

  1. Academic Quarter
  2. Punctuality
  3. Don`t be Afraid of Paper Work
  4. Choose German Roommates
  5. Learn German
  6. Oral Exams
  7. WG Parties
  8. Lazy Sundays
  9. Be Organized
  10. Be Prepared-Because you may never want to leave again

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