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Apps To Sell Data And Airtime Online (Become A Data Reseller)

How To Sell Data and Airtime Online


Do you think that recharging your phone or purchasing airtime from banks, is only through the use of your USSD method or internet banking? You can be buying internet data bundles in bulk from telecommunications providers (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, etc.) and resell them to customers in smaller quantities. we provide the greatest answers here in this article.

Here are the top smartphone apps for you that are looking to recharge airtime, and data for MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile. You can make a profit from this industry by becoming a data reseller online in addition to banks, who use it for their own benefit. When you buy data in bulk, the service provider charges you less.

App To Sell Airtime In Nigeria

  • VTU King
  • Paycheap Nigeria
  • Mobile Airtime Nigeria
  • Recharge Hub
  • End User package
  • Distributor Package
  • Dataway NG
  • eSub NG
  • Quicksub NG
  • PayCheap
  • Nellobyte Systems
  • Prestmit
  • SMS-Reseller
  • WatchLocker – Fulfilment Centre
  • Angel Bulk SMS

VTU King

VTU King is a  purchasing app used for buying airtime, and data, subscribing to cable TV, wallet withdrawal, airtime to cash, Buy WAEC scratch cards online, Paying bills, making online payments to the PHED, PHCN, and AEDC Abuja, and earning up to $1000 each sale as a cheap data reseller.

How To Create VTU King

  • Create a new account or sign in with an existing one.
  • Create an Account and Deposit N1,000
  • Enjoy quick and secure transactions.


Paycheap is an app that provides any network with data and airtime-buy and sells Cheap Data Bundles, Airtime, Bulk SMS, and Bill Payment For Special Prices.  9Mobile, Airtel, GLO, MTN, and Purchase Airtime with 4% Off, Send Bulk SMS, and Pay Bills (DSTV, GOtv, Startimes). Pay cheap, it’s more affordable, quick, and dependable.

You can contact them on the phone or over WhatsApp (09064172909). Last but not least, the website has positive reviews on Twitter (@GosubNg) and 5.0 ratings on Google (Gosub Limited)if you want to become a data reseller.


Recharge2Cash is one of the most excellent apps in Nigeria for selling airtime quickly and efficiently. it provides data purchases at a fair price. They provide one of Nigeria’s best apps for converting airtime to cash; their app is easy to use, and their services are top-earn.


The Prestmit is a smartphone app that makes it simple to convert airtime to cash. You don’t need to hunt for customers who will pay you less than your airtime amount. Selling your airtime on any network is free and easy with Prestmit.

You can buy data, airtime, and airtime on the Prestmit platform, as well as pay your cable bills, many people are aware that Prestmit provides you with more ability to exchange gift cards and cryptocurrency. Your transactions will be secure, and easy with Prestmit. The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones to download.


Rechargehub is a top-up online payment platform that enables customers who wish to recharge to do so quickly and easily while using data and utility services. Makes it easy for you to afford to pay for data, airtime, and utility bills.

Anyone can join Rechargehub’s reseller program and start earning. As a reseller, you can purchase our products at small reduced costs and resell them to other customers at a price that suits you.

How Do I Start Selling Data and Airtime

Before you can start selling data and airtime, you only need to register as an agent with a data reselling business to start selling data. If you buy MTN 2GB for N540 and sell it for N1000, you will have made a profit of N460.  You can attract clients to your data reselling business by making 50 sales in a week, you will have made N23,000. You would have earned $92,000 in one month!

To Start Data Reselling Business, What Is Required From You

Have you ever considered starting your own data reselling company? The condition for starting a data reselling firm are as follows:

  • Smartphone or laptop.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Capital or finance.
  • Cash in a bank.
  • A start-up or registration fee of at least N1000.
  • People, you will sell your data to (they are all around you).


Becoming a data reseller will help you to generate a good profit. Reselling airtime and data to your customers in smaller quantities such as Electricity subscriptions, DSTV, GOTV, Star time, and other billing services using all the apps that I have listed in this article like VTU King, Paycheap Nigeria, Mobile Airtime Nigeria, Recharge Hub, End User package.



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