How To Check Your UBA BVN On Your Phone Without Airtime

Your BVN is as important as your Bank Account, And it is Necessary you have your BVN at the tip of your finger, the reason I suggested you have it always is; in case you are filling a form in the bank or there is a need in other banks. Here, you see how to check your UBA BVN on your Phone.

Here are the reasons why you should have your BVN at the tip of your finger;

1. It reduces the stress of seeking for alternatives for retrieving the BVN number

2. It also saves you N20 from network providers if you have it at hand

3. Also it helps reduce fraud And many more.

Every bank in nigeria has different USSD code for transfer and inquiry services, that is depending on the bank you are using.

However, CBN has one general code to check BVN from any banks in Nigeria. But this service attract a service fee of N20 plus VAT. To use this code, youre only required to use the sim card used to register the account.

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How To Check UBA BVN On MTN

Before you can check your BVN using your MTN, you must have at least N20-N50 in your mobile money account because it is not for free. Then dial the MTN official code for BVN which is *565*0#, on your phone and the official unique 11-digit code will be displayed immediately without any hesitation. You will pay at least N20 from your MTN mobile money account. Since this mobile service is not free, to avoid wasting your money after your BVN has been displayed you need to save the code somewhere.The BVN Code is Confidential so you need to be Careful with the code and do not share your code with anyone.

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How to check UBA BVN on Airtel

Just like you have seen how you can check your BVN Code using your MTN, the same procedures applies to airtel, so the code for checking your BVN using your Airtel simcard is *565*0#. You will get the number shortly after dialling the USSD code. Unlike MTN, Airtel will  also charge you at least N20 from your mobile money account that simply means, that you need to fund your mobile money account before checking your BVN.

How to check your UBA BVN online

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to check your BVN Online;

1. Enter into any Nigerian bank of your choice online.

2. Request and fill the BVN enrolment form.

3. After filling the form you submit it.

4. Your biometric data will be taken i.e facial(face) appearance, thumb print.

5. You will be given an acknowledgement slip with a transaction ID.

6. Within 24 hours you’ll receive your BVN.

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