WAEC GCE Registration 2024 || GCE WAEC Timetable (Deadline)


Are you preparing to see the commencement of the 2024 GCE WAEC Timetable? you might need to exercise more patience. Thousands of students all over are gearing up to get their best results on this important examination. 

Preparing for the GCE WAEC can be overwhelming, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. In this article, there will be some helpful tips and tricks to help you prepare for the forthcoming GCE WAEC 2024. 

So read on for some useful advice to make sure you ace your exams.

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WAEC GCE Date for the Exam

According to the 2024 GCE WAEC Timetable, the exams are set to begin on October 27th and will run until December 20th. This gives students ample time to prepare and ensure they are ready for their exams and for those that are worried they are just to be patient for a little while.

However, it’s important to keep this date in mind and create a study plan that allows for sufficient revision and practice. 

With the right preparation and dedication, you can go out the hall with good grades at the GCE WAEC and achieve your desired results. So mark your calendars and get ready for this.

The 2024 GCE WAEC Timetable

Here is the GCE WAEC timetable for 2023 in tabular form:

Date Time Subject Type of Exam
Friday, 27th October 9:30am – 10:30am Foods and Nutrition 3 (Practical) Planning Session
10:30am – 11:30am Home Management 3 (Practical) Planning Session
Monday, 6th to Friday, 17th November Time for papers will be arranged by the Council
Arabic 3 (Oral)
Music 3B (Performance Test)
French 3 (Oral)
Clothing and Textiles 3 (Practical)
Foods and Nutrition 3 (Practical)
Home Management 3 (Practical)
Wednesday, 15th November 9:30am – 12noon Building Construction 3 Building Drawing and Essay
9:30am – 12noon Financial Accounting 2 Theory and Practice
12noon – 1:00pm Financial Accounting 1 Objective
2:00pm – 4:00pm Government 2 Essay
4:00pm – 5:00pm Government 1 Objective
2:00pm – 3:00pm Basic Electronics 2 Essay
3:00pm – 4:00pm Basic Electronics 1 Objective
Thursday, 16th November 9:30am – 11:30am Hausa 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Hausa 1 Objective
9:30am – 11:30am Igbo 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Igbo 1 Objective
9:30am – 11:30am Yoruba 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Yoruba 1 Objective
Friday, 17th November 9:30am – 10:30am Home Management 2 Essay
10:30am – 11:30am Home Management 1 Objective
9:30am – 12:30pm Basic Electronics 3 Practical, 1st Set
1:00pm – 4:00pm Basic Electronics 3 Practical, 2nd Set
3:30pm – 5:00pm Agricultural Science 3 Alternative to Practical Work
Saturday, 18th November 9:30am – 11:30am Civic Education 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Civic Education 1 Objective
Tuesday, 21st November 9:30am – 11:15am Health Education 3 Alternative to Practical Work
2:00pm – 4:00pm Physical Education 3 Theory of Practice
Wednesday, 22nd November 9:30am – 12:15pm Technical Drawing 3 Sketches, Building, and Mechanical Drawing
2:30pm – 4:15pm Technical Drawing 2 Essay
4:15pm – 5:15pm Technical Drawing 1 Objective
Thursday, 23rd November 2:00pm – 3:15pm Foods and Nutrition 2 Essay
3:15pm – 4:15pm Foods and Nutrition 1 Objective
Friday, 24th November 9:30am – 12:30pm Woodwork 3 Practical, 1st Set
1:00pm – 4:00pm Woodwork 3 Practical, 2nd Set
Saturday, 25th November 9:30am – 12noon General Mathematics 2 Essay
2:00pm – 3:30pm General Mathematics 1 Objective
Monday, 27th November 9:30am – 10:30am Building Construction 2 Essay
10:30am – 11:15am Building Construction 1 Objective
2:00pm – 4:00pm Visual Art 2 Essay
4:00pm – 4:50pm Visual Art 1 Objective
Tuesday, 28th November 9:30am – 10:45am Literature-In-English 2 Prose
10:45am – 11:45am Literature-In-English 1 Objective
12noon – 1:00pm Basic Electricity 2 Essay
1:00pm – 2:00pm Basic Electricity 1 Objective
2:00pm – 4:20pm Woodwork 2 Essay and Design
4:20pm – 5:00pm Woodwork 1 Objective
Wednesday, 29th November 9:30am – 11:30am Christian Religious Studies 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Christian Religious Studies 1 Objective
9:30am – 11:30am Islamic Studies 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:20pm Islamic Studies 1 Objective
2:00pm – 4:00pm Arabic 2 Essay
4:00pm – 4:50pm Arabic 1 Objective
Thursday, 30th November 9:30am – 11:00am Auto Mechanics 2 Essay
11:00am – 12:00noon Auto Mechanics 1 Objective
2:00pm – 4:30pm Literature-In-English 3 Drama & Poetry
Friday, 1st December 9:30am – 11:40am Agricultural Science 2 Essay
11:40am – 12:30pm Agricultural Science 1 Objective
3:30pm – 4:50pm Physical Education 2 Essay
4:50pm – 5:40pm Physical Education 1 Objective
Saturday, 2nd December 9:30am – 11:30am Economics 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Economics 1 Objective
2:00pm – 5:00pm Visual Art 3A Drawing
Monday, 4th December 9:30am – 11:30am Music 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Music 1 Objective
9:30am – 12:30pm Basic Electricity 3 Practical, 1st Set
1:00pm – 4:00pm Basic Electricity 3 Practical, 2nd Set
Tuesday, 5th December 9:30am – 11:30am History 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm History 1 Objective
2:00pm – 4:00pm Commerce 2 Essay
4:00pm – 4:50pm Commerce 1 Objective
Wednesday, 6th December 9:30am – 11:30am Geography 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Geography 1 Objective
2:30pm – 4:20pm Geography 3 Practical and Physical Geography
Thursday, 7th December 9:30am – 11:00am Physics 2 Essay
11:00am – 12:15pm Physics 1 Objective
2:00pm – 4:45pm Physics 3 Alternative to Practical Work
Friday, 8th December 9:30am – 11:10am Biology 2 Essay
11:10am – 12:00noon Biology 1 Objective
4:00pm – 6:00pm Biology 3 Alternative to Practical Work
Saturday, 9th December 9:30am – 11:30am English Language 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm English Language 1 Objective
2:00pm – 2:45pm English Language 3 Test of Orals
Monday, 11th December 9:30am – 11:30am Auto Mechanics 3 Practical, 1st Set
12:00noon – 2:00pm Auto Mechanics 3 Practical, 2nd Set
Tuesday, 12th December 9:30am – 11:30am Chemistry 2 Essay
11:30am – 12:30pm Chemistry 1 Objective
2:00pm – 3:30pm Chemistry 3 Alternative to Practical Work
Wednesday, 13th December 9:30am – 12:00noon Further Mathematics 2 Essay
2:30pm – 4:00pm Further Mathematics 1 Objective
4:30pm – 5:15pm Music 3A Aural
Thursday, 14th December 9:30am – 12:30pm Visual Art 3B Creative Design
2:00pm – 3:30pm Metalwork 2 Essay
3:30pm – 4:30pm Metalwork 1 Objective
2:00pm – 3:30pm Clothing and Textiles 2 Essay
3:30pm – 4:30pm Clothing and Textiles 1 Objective
Friday, 15th December 9:30am – 10:45am French 2 Essay
10:45am – 11:45am French 1 Objective
3:30pm – 5:00pm Health Education 2 Essay
5:00pm – 6:00pm Health Education 1 Objective
Wednesday, 20th December 9:30am – 12:40pm Metalwork 3 Practical, 1st Set
1:00pm – 4:10pm Metalwork 3 Practical, 2nd Set


Tips for preparing for the 2024 GCE WAEC Timetable

Now that you have the dates for the 2024 GCE WAEC Timetable marked on your calendar, it’s time to focus on preparing for the exams. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your preparations. Start studying and revising well in advance, so you have enough time to cover all the topics.


  • Plan your study time effectively by creating a schedule that allows for regular breaks and revision sessions. Stick to the schedule and avoid procrastination.


  • Practice with past GCE WAEC questions to get familiar with the exam format and identify areas where you need improvement. This will help you build confidence and improve your performance.


  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re struggling with certain subjects or topics. Reach out to your teachers, or classmates, or consider getting a tutor who can provide guidance and support.


  • Keep your motivation levels high by setting achievable goals, rewarding yourself for milestones, and staying positive. Remember, hard work pays off.


  • Consistency is key when it comes to exam preparation. Make sure to allocate regular study time each day and stick to your schedule. Avoid cramming at the last minute.


  • Don’t neglect your physical and mental well-being. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, and engage in activities that help you relax and destress.


Make sure you remember that the 2024 GCE WAEC Timetable may seem hard, but with the right preparation and mindset, you can ace your exams and achieve your desired results. 

Remember to start early, create a study schedule, use past questions for practice, seek help when needed, stay motivated and consistent, and take care of your well-being. With these tips in mind, you are well on your way to acing your exams. Good luck and stay focused!


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