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How To Make Money on Vistalog and Withdraw Cashout


To withdraw from Vistalog, you must first reach the minimum threshold and at least do some referral (optional), but that is the part that makes you more money on Vistalog. Then place withdrawal on withdrawal days on Vistalog. In this tutorial, we show you how to make money on Vistalog and withdraw from Vistalog; minimum withdrawal, withdrawal days and how to cash out.

However, if you have not joined Vistalog before now and want to join Vistalog. you still have the opportunity to register with just 5,000 naira (Five Thousand Naira). maybe the reason why you have not joined is that you are doubting whether is Vistalog legit or a scam.

Here is a research reviewed by experts to find out: Is Vistalog Legit?

Let get to talk about Vistalog a bit and see how to make money on Vistalog;

About Vistalog

Vistalog is a make-money-online website that rewards registered members for daily tasks and activities and also pays for affiliate referrals; you make 4,000 naira each time you refer someone to sign up.

There have been a lot of platforms like this that have crashed due to mismanagement and lack of cash flow in the business.

How Do Vistalog Make Money

The platform – Vistalog makes money from advertisements and some commission from selling coupon codes to users. They are into CPA marketing and also, posting sponsored content on their website, telegram and email list.

Users get a large portion of the income because they are the one that makes the platform active and engaging.

But, the two main questions here are; How to make money fast on Vistalog and how to withdraw earnings to a bank account.

Vistalog Earning Structure (Make Money From Vistalog)

You can make money on Vistalog through;

  • Affiliate Commission.
  • Spin & Win
  • Challenge Contest
  • Daily Task
  • Sharing Sponsored Advert
  • Ecommerce.

How much can you earn on Vistalog

Vistalog Affiliate Bonus is 4,000 naira

Vistalog Welcome Bonus is 3,000 naira

Vistalog Daily login is 200 naira

Vistalog post advert is 300 naira

Vistalog Vista Post is 300 naira

Vistalog indirect affiliate (level 1) is 300 naira

Vistalog indirect affiliate (level 2) is 100 naira

Vistalog spillover is between 100 naira – 500 naira

How To Withdraw From Vistalog

You get paid when you place a withdrawal for your earnings on Vistalog and reach the minimum threshold, you get paid to the bank account you provided on your account profile.

There are times they open withdrawals for Affiliate and Non Affiliate

Vistalog Affiliate Withdrawal is when the platform pays people who refer others to the platform. While Non-Affiliate Withdrawal is when Vistalog pays people who do not refer but have earned on daily tasks and other activities.


If you want to make money fast on Vistalog, focus on the affiliate side of it, that is; keep referring people and earn a 4,000 naira commission each time you refer someone.

4,000 X 100 = 400,000 naira

You can do more than this or so.

and place a withdrawal to get paid.

However, note that is not a long-term business and is expected to crash if there is not enough cash flow for the platform to pay non-affiliate.

So, once you make money from it. Withdraw your money from Vistalog and enjoy.



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