UK Visa Application Open For Nigerians

UK Visa Application For Nigerians


If you are looking for where to get your UK Visa Application form, Then this article is for you, Because it is specifically centered on the UK Visa Application Open For Nigerians. You need to get a visa before traveling to the UK from Nigeria, you are to submit your UK visa Application form before you travel, then before you enter the UK you must receive a written Confirmation of your visa application being accepted. They are many of visas that can be applied for by Nigerians who wish to visit the United Kingdom (UK). The most common type is the Standard Visitor Visa, which allows people to travel to the UK for tourism, Business, or visit Family and Friends.

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Types Of UK Visa For Nigerians

The types of the UK visa Available for Nigerians are as follows;

  1. Skilled Worker Visa
  2. Student Visa
  3. Partner / Spouse Visa
  4. Work Visa
  5. Fiancee / Fiance Visa
  6. Sportperson Visa
  7. Ministry of Religion Visa
  8. Tier 1 (investor) Visa
  9. Start-up Visa
  10. Global Talent Visa and Many Others.

UK Spouse Visa for Nigerians Requirements

If you are wishing to join your partner in the UK from Nigeria, you need to apply for a spouse visa. To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You and your partner are aged 18 or over
  2. You must be married or in a civil partnership recognized in the UK
  3. Your partner, who is going to be your sponsor, must be a British citizen or UK settled person
  4. You must have met personally at least once before getting married
  5. You must have been living together for the past 2 years

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 The UK Visa Requirements

  1. A valid international passport with a page that is blank on both sides
  2. Completed visa application form (this is filled in online)
  3. One passport photograph that meets the requirements
  4. Visa fee
  5. Proof of finances (e.g. original bank statement that is not older than 3 months)
  6. Confirmation of accommodation and flight bookings
  7. A letter of invitation if you are being sponsored by a friend or family member
  8. Original marriage certificate if you are travelling with your spouse
  9. Birth certificates for your children if you are travelling together
  10. Recent utility bills
  11. If you are travelling for business you will need to include: a letter of invitation/confirmation of training/confirmation of conference; and full details for an authorized representative from your company and their contact details.

The Documents Required for the Nigeria – UK Visa Application

  1. Leave Application
  2. Passport
  3. Bank Statement
  4. Tax
  5. Pay slip
  6. CAC (Business Registration Document)
  7. Introduction Letter
  8. Invitation Letter
  9. Utility Bills
  10. Host`s Document
  11. Data page or Permit
  12. Proof of Accommodation for the duration of stay

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How To Apply for the UK Visa (Online Process)

  1. Visit the UK Website Portal @ GOV.UK
  2. Create a user Account
  3. Click on Visa and Immigration Link
  4. Click also on the Visit the UK Link
  5. Select Standard Visitor Visa
  6. Then Fill the Application Forms Promptly
  7. Pay the Visa Fee
  8. Finally, After making the payment you will be redirected to the TLS Contact Portal.



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