How To Make Money Installing Mobile Apps Daily [CPALead Sign Up]


In this our tutorial post on how to make money installing mobile apps daily [CPALead sign up]. In this post, I’m going to teach you tips and tricks on how to make money, I mean real money by installing mobile apps daily. CPALead is a real time bidding DSP and SSP marketplace that grants everybody allowance to join a CPI offer in order to receive installs of their iOS or Android apps. If you are interested in making huge money from marketing and media, CPALead is the best choice for you .CPALead connects mobile app advertisers to anyone with mobile traffic. It doesn’t matter whether you are anapp developer who is looking to monetize their app, an affiliate marketer who is looking for direct CPI offers , or a mobile ad network looking for additional CPI offers, they have solutions for you.

How Does CPALead Work

  • CPALead platform boast of an appealing comission rate for it’s publishers
  • Signing up for CPALead is free
  • CPALead gives out $25 minimum monthly payment [withdrawal threshold]
  • Advertisers sign up and create offers such as free trial or survey
  • publishers sign up and select offers that they want to promote on their website, social media handle and other channels.
  • Users complete offers promoted by publishers, when this is done, the publisher earns a commission
  • CPALead tracts conversions and reports to both the publisher and the advertiser highlighting which offer to perform and which need improvement

How To Sign Up On CPALead Website

Like I said , signing up for CPALead is free, it requires no charge, all you have to visit the official website of the CPALead company and select the word “SIGN UP”. Then, several options will be displayed for you to open up your own account on the CPALead company website. Among this options is that you can sign up with your Facebook account or Google plus account.

If you don’t have any of these two account, you can create a special account on the website by filling in the required data such as name, email, age, date of birth etc. In order to make sure you are the real person using the account.

CPALead Payment Proof [legit or scam]

CPALead is a reliable and trustworthy network which has a strict code of conduct and measures to make sure it’s network is free of fraudulent activities. It has been in existence and operating since the year 2006. This company offers high level of transparency and provides detailed reporting to publishers and advertisers to monitor and control the campaign’s performance.

However, CPALead has many methods of payment for its publishers including; PayPal, ACH, CHECK and wire transfer.

PayPal is the most popular among the payment methods because its more fast and convenient. PayPal only takes 24 hours to processed payments .ACH payment method is only available for people who resides in US. It takes about three to five business day to processed payments. CPALead also offers CHECK payments which take up to two weeks to arrive depending on the postal service. CPALead payment method also includes wire transfer which is the best option to make international payments.

To receive payment from CPALead, you must have minimum payout threshold which is $50 for PayPal, ACH,CHECK and $100 for wire transfer. Payment is usually made weekly or monthly depending on your preference.

CPALead Affiliate Program

CPALead is a top mobile affiliate network that connects mobile apps advertisers with publishers , it offers a wide range of articles to promote such as mobile app installs , content lockers, and more. They also provide flexible payments and a referral program to enable publishers to increase their earning potentials. This network boast an easy-to-use platform, different commission types, and in-house tracking software for reliable performance data. With over 15 years of experience and good reputation, CPALead is no doubt a trusted choice for mobile affiliate marketing.

CPALead Payment Time

CPALead pays weekly or monthly depending on preference as a publisher. the payments are made through PayPal, ACH,CHECK, and wire transfer. Mind you that you must have a minimum payout threshold of $50 to $100 before your payment can be processed.


CPAlead is a wonderful method for publisher to make money by promoting offers. By following the tips and tricks stated in this guide, you can increase your chances of earning money with CPALead.



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