[New Methods] How To Borrow Money From Access Bank

We are all used to assuming that loans are only granted to the most respectable individuals due to the strict conditions. Assume that a person must meet certain extraordinary standards in order to be considered qualified for and get a loan. Loans might be difficult to obtain at times. Banks do not like to lose money, thus they only make loans to those who are completely trustworthy and have the means to repay the loans.

The requirements Access Bank has for its customers who want to get a loan are simpler than ever. They just need to be employed and it even doesn’t matter whether the account where they receive their salary is domiciled with another bank. And the Access Bank USSD Code for loans is *901*11*1#.

The Access Bank loan pricing is fantastic, the tenor is even great and in some cases, collateral is not required though. Even noncustomers can also access these loans. Isn’t that good to hear?

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How to Apply For Access Bank Loan Using USSD Code


You need just a few minutes and the loan is in your hands, Below are the things to do

  1. Firstly, dial the above-mentioned USSD *901*11*1# In a short while
  2. Then you will get a number of the Access account
  3. Also you will discover how much you canBorrow from the bank
  4. That’s Final as you can now receive the instant loan from the Access Bank.

How to Gain Admission Without JAMB

The Access Bank Mobile loan App

The Access Bank Mobile loan App is QuickBucks  and can be seen as a Mobile Banking Application for digital loans. It is a platform for all Access Bank loan products aimed at improving your borrowing experience – for retail Loans, Credit Card, Debit Card, Consumer Durable Loans and Device Financing loan requests. QuickBucks is also structured at housing all digital loan products available at Access Bank, and aimed at improving your borrowing experience. The self-service platform offers credit-worthy customer’s everything from loan management services, to allowing customers to liquidate loans early.

The Access Bank USSD Code For Loans

Another way of applying for the Access Bank loan without a Mobile app or internet connection is by using the USSD code. Take the following step: Dial *737*51*51# Confirm if you are qualified or not then apply for Quick Credit loan.

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